Little Wretches Ride Fast In Their Own Lane On “Ballad Of Johnny Blowtorch”

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Coming off fresh from the release of their album ‘Undesirables and Anarchists’, The Little Wretches are back, releasing one of the album’s fan favourites, ‘Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch’. When listening to The Little Wretches, don’t expect this group to follow pop trends of the radio — they’re clearly riding fast in their own lane, following their own musical compass. With a sound that’s a little similar to the heyday of UK Rock (The Strokes, Artic Monkeys, Oasis, The Killers), ‘Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch’ is a sonic experiment gone right. With a consistently irreverent vocal delivery, head-banging guitars and fun background vocals, this track is just straight up, pure fun. With lyrics like “The things you’re looking for/Nobody’s got ‘em/Here comes a face from your past/Don’t pretend you don’t see me” and “They say I’m a sucker because I waited for you/But I ain’t giving up because I know you’ll come through”, it’s clear that The Little Wretches aren’t taking themselves too seriously on this cheeky track. The Little Wretches state, “Well if I ever get lucky and score, you wanna be me” — and, true to form, I think they might have just scored with this one. Listen to ‘Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch’ for an entertaining listen now.

-Fred Effendi

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